Desert Dwelling in November leads to Exploding Gardens


Just snapped this outside less than thirty minutes ago, I must admit the scent of roses in our backyard is overwhelming and intoxicating.  The roses have gone from struggling in the summer heat to an explosion of growth, color, and perfume in the last two weeks.  Cool nights, much cooler last week, and warm, sunny days have resulted in a garden bursting with life.


The tomato plant sits outside DH’s office, and has exploded from struggling seedlings to healthy plants as well.  We just transplanted one of the plants next to the bursting spicy pepper plant.


Literally, there were more peppers ready to be picked than I could stuff in my pockets and available carry container in one trip.  Two trips resulted in this:


and there are more peppers maturing on the vine and waiting to be ripe enough to pick.  Not to mention all of the new buds waiting to explode more peppers.


There is some unfortunate news from the garden however.  The avocado tree I received as a birthday gift from my lovely in-laws has given up any future attempts at life.  Despite our best efforts, the late summer heat appeared to be more than the plant could tolerate.  It probably was a distant hope that the plant would have thrived but I love the fact that my in-laws love me enough to send me a plant of a fruit I love.


But from death springs life, and our garden is blooming with life.


You can just see Wally at the very edge of the photo, he is the guardian of the rose bushes … well ok, really he’s more interested in whether or not his buddy next door is out back so they can bark at one another.



Now, I’m off to go string peppers together so they can dry and be rehydrated for later use.

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